Dynamic Scoring®

flex’s Dynamic Scoring® allows for long linear scores to be made along the entire length of the diseased vessel at very low atmospheric pressures. FLEX exerts less than 1atm of force on the arterial wall. 

Static scoring utilizes balloon apposition to force the scoring elements into the artery wall at much higher pressures while having to inflate multiple times in long diseased segments.

Vessel Preparation

Because the treatment and procedures necessary to adequately prepare vessels for adjunctive therapy are often complex and challenging, VentureMed created the FLEX Scoring Catheter®. VMG’s innovative FLEX catheter is an easy-to-use and cost-effective “vessel preparation” device. FLEX incorporates a proprietary technology that allows for effective dynamic linear scoring with a lower propensity for vessel wall damage or barotrauma. The unique design allows the operator to easily prepare a diseased vessel in a single insertion without the need for multiple balloon inflations. FLEX is an ideal device to use prior to adjunctive therapies (angioplasty, drug coated balloon, bare metal stenting and drug eluding stent). 

By incorporating Dynamic Scoring®, FLEX offers an effective and safe alternative to balloon-based scoring technology. Without the need for multiple balloon inflations, the operator can effectively treat a much wider range of vessel lengths and diameters in a single catheter — not only saving time, but cost as well.

Dr. J. Mustapha FLEX Peripheral Scoring Catheter Case Presentation

technical specifications 

6 French sheath compatible
.014/.018 wire compatible
120 cm and 40 cm working length



Part number FSC 4 – 120 (120 cm device)

Part number FSC 4 – 40 (40 cm device)

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Featured Case

Target lesion mid-SFA*
FLEX OTW design easily crosses lesion, basket safely follows contour of arterial wall*
Post vessel prep with FLEX*
Procedure completed, post POBA*

*Cases performed by P. Nowakowski, MD.,Chrzanów, Poland

Case Studies

Femoropopliteal - Chronic Total Occlusion/In-Stent Restenosis

Femoropopliteal - Heavily Calcified In-Stent Restenosis

AV Fistula Case 2

AV Fistula Case 1

flex® features

120CM Shaft
Treat the entire femoral/popliteal anatomy

6 French sheath .014–.018 wire compatibility
Low profile for access to difficult-to-treat anatomy

Unique flexible design with non-balloon wall apposition
Flexible design allows the treatment elements to conform to any vessel size safely and effectively
Improved safety profile with low embolization rates

Tri-element atherotomes utilizing unique “pull-back” technique
Innovative dynamic vessel preparation at much lower atmospheric pressures —less than 1atm compared to balloon-based devices at higher pressures

Outer delivery sheath that houses scoring elements
Provides accurate delivery of scoring elements to only the area of treatment

Ergonomic handle design with simple finger and thumb switch controls
Provides comfortable easy-to-use control for the operator

Supportive braided shaft technology
Excellent push/pullability providing excellent tactile feedback

Proprietary depth control technology
Delivers precise linear dynamic scoring along entire treatment area safely
Controls the depth of the scoring element to deliver excellent safety profile

Atraumatic tip and element design extensively tested at high “pull back” pressures
Ensures both “safe and strong” properties while treating difficult diseased vessels or anatomy

Single insertion “pull-back” technique without the need for multiple balloon inflations
Quick and efficient vessel preparation at a fraction of the time and cost